ifeTime Health Center is dedicated to treating you as a whole person. Obesity is an epidemic problem and associated with a variety of health issues including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and fatigue, among others. We are offering weight loss programs to assist our patients in obtaining optimum health. We will do as much as we can to help you meet your weight loss goals. You should improve your diet and increase your health at the same time you're losing weight.

Weight Loss Program

Initial weight loss appointments include information on program choices, measurements, as well as before photos and lab work (blood count, thyroid test, metabolic profile and cholesterol). An EKG may also be done if necessary. A “Slim Shot” is also included with the first visit.

“Slim Shot” is available through our office for a cost of $20 per injection for established patients. It consists of multiple B vitamins and amino acids which are “fat burners.” It boosts energy and metabolism and may be used twice weekly. No office visit is needed for established patients to receive the “Slim Shot.”

A $70 deposit is required to make an appointment and is applied to your visit.

All follow up visits are $70.

Oral Appetite Suppressants

Oral appetite suppressants work by suppressing your appetite, and, therefore, decreasing your cravings for food you don't need. You should use it along with a specialized food and exercise program to decrease weight. Weight Scale and Stethoscope If an appetite suppressant is chosen, a prescription will be written and monthly follow up appointments are scheduled.

HCG Program

Another option is the “HCG” program. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. During pregnancy, this substance almost completely controls a woman's metabolic functions. HCG weight loss studies have shown that weight lost following the HCG protocol comes directly from adipose fat tissue rather than lean muscle. The weight lost comes directly from fat and does not strip the body of much needed muscle, vitamins or minerals essential to maintain good health.

At the same time, the release of excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients into the blood stream is absorbed by the body. For this reason, HCG dieters report a feeling and appearance of great health and marvel at the loss of negative health risks they had as an overweight individual.

HCG is supplied as a transdermal cream or as an injection and is used in conjunction with a very low calorie diet for 4-6 weeks at a time. It is safe and effective for both men and women. Follow up visits are scheduled at two week intervals while on HCG therapy.

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